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Today, Tovuz Agro successfully works, and continues its growth and development.

During the construction and installation of the Auto park, the newest technologies of USA, Germany, Turkey and Holland were used.

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Products of the Tovuz Agro’s premium segment

Products of the premium segment are manufactured under the TOVUZ AGRO brand. Premium meat is meat for hotels and restaurants. It should be noted that production meets Halal requirements and all necessary standards are met.

The steaks of this brand are obtained from valuable breeding breeds of cattle, their difference is in perfect combination of muscle and adipose tissue, and as a result – excellent taste.

Products of the premium segment -

Under this brand, agricultural holding products are presented in brand shops for retail and small wholesale. This brand is known to retail customers as a sign of freshness and quality. Without going into the intricacies of the technological process of farming and production, the consumer appreciates the consistently excellent taste of FARMER’s meat and returns for buying it again and again.

This brand is also associated with the traditions of grilling in a “hosper” oven – an unique service of our company stores. Thus, we not only grow organically pure local products, but also promote our culinary culture!


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