Farming is the target area of our Holding, where the main concept of Tovuz Agro is implemented - “from the field to the shop shelf”.


Having studied the world experience in cattle breeding, the demand of our customers and the characteristics of productivity, we selected such breeds for breeding:
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Sharole. This is a famous French breed, which is distinguished by endurance and precocity. Gains in muscle tissue prevail over fat, so the meat of Sharole cows is considered lean.

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Aberdin – angus. Animals of this breed have good indicators of health and immunity, and their meat has excellent taste. The bone content in the carcasses of this breed does not exceed 17%, and the meat  is 60%, which is considered an excellent ratio for meat production.

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Simmental. Although Simmental females are more often referred to as dairy cattle, raising bulls for meat is quite profitable, because the offspring of this breed is prone to intensive growth with rapid weight gain.

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Limousine. This is a classic meat breed, which is distinguished by its large size and weight gain. Limousine calves are immediately born a little larger than in dairy breeds, and then grow actively, reaching a mass of 300 kg at the age of eight months.

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Red steppe Ukrainian. This breed has become widespread due to its exceptional unpretentiousness. With the help of the painstaking work of geneticists and the infusion of blood of other breeds, it is ideally adapted to the climate of Azerbaijan.

The ultimate goal of direction

– is a meat of high quality. To improve the taste of meat produced by Tovuz Agro, we are constantly working to find the ideal conditions for keeping and feeding livestock. Without stopping at what has been achieved, we are constantly improving ourselves to present a high-quality product to our customers.

is our main vector.

All medications (vaccinations, parasite medications) that our animals receive are safe and approved by the global veterinary community.

Veterinarians and livestock specialists of our company regularly monitor the health of the entire livestock, carry out preventive work on time, monitor indicators and analyzes.

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