We offer a wide selection of premium meat for hotels, cafes and restaurants. For the products of this segment, we grow Black Angus cows - their meat is juicy, delicate in taste and has a marble pattern.

Cooperating with us, you will note the following advantages: Constant volumes.
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Constant volumes.

Thanks to our logistics department, an extensive network, a modern fleet of cars, the work of managers, you will  get the exactly amount of products that you specified in the order on time. Our “full cycle” business model allows us to correctly calculate production volumes and plan deliveries so that all customers receive their orders on time. That is how we implement the principle of work “from the field to the shop’s shelf.”

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It is very important for us to maintain the reputation of the brand as a supplier of safe and natural meat products. Quality control is included in all stages of production: we regularly check animal feed, livestock health, and then each processing animal cutting workshop and the final product. Such chain of inspections guarantees the complete safety of our products to the final consumer and the stable taste of every piece of meat we produce.

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The integrity of the cargo.

To keep products fresh, our car – carrier are equipped with refrigerators, temperature sensors, humidity control systems and other special equipment. We guarantee that during transportation our products do not deteriorate and are stored taking into account all sanitary conditions.

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Fresh product.

Our logistics and supply planning are set up in such way as to avoid long-term storage in warehouses. Thus, the meat is delivered to the customer with a long shelf life in stock.

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We offer our partners a flexible delivery schedule, comfortable workflow conditions, high-quality logistics and simple communication methods. For more information, contact [email protected]

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