The principle of our business model of a full cycle is that we independently grow cattle and feed for livestock on our premises, and later we are engaged in meat processing to provide the final consumer with our own product.

The company slaughter up to one hundred heads a day, which allows to cover the needs for products for three areas:
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HoReCa – production of meat for the premium segment under the brand name “Tovuz agro” Premium meat. The steaks of this brand are obtained from valuable breeding breeds of cattle, their difference is the perfect combination of muscle and adipose tissue, and as a result – excellent taste.

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ТМ “Farmer’s meat” – under this brand we produce meat products for retail trade. Thanks to the skillful management and logistics department, our meat arrives in stores always fresh, does not linger in warehouses, is always presented in a sufficient assortment.

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ТМ “Tovuz agro” is the meat of our brand, which is exporting to: China, Turkey, Iran and the countries of Persian Gulf.

The ultimate goal of the sector

is high-quality meat. To improve the taste of meat produced by Tovuz Agro, we are constantly working to find the ideal conditions for keeping and feeding livestock. Without stopping at what has been achieved, we are constantly improving ourselves to present a high-quality product to our customers. Biological safety is main guideline.

is our main vector.

It is important to note that the meat processing industry of the Tovuz Agro holding is equipped with modern equipment and the necessary capacities: refrigerators and freezers, a laboratory, meat cutting workshops. All range of meat products passes mandatory research and meets food safety requirements.

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