Sales in Azerbaijan and Export

Persian Gulf, Turkey, China, Iran


For export, we produce:

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half carcass;

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beef cuts

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meat blocks of the highest, first and second grade.

Products oriented to the eastern market meet all norms and requirements of Islam.

We are ready to discuss cooperation in the delivery of top-quality meat to your country, our managers will offer individual terms of cooperation and mutually beneficial contracts with the prospect of a long partnership.

Sales in


Ordering and purchasing meat products in a company store.

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wholesale deliveries of premium meat for the HoReCa network;

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supplying meat processing enterprises with raw materials;

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meat supplies to brand shops;

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franchising partnership agreement – a ready-made business model for opening your own brand shop.

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Partners in Azerbaijan are offered various options for cooperation:

You can discuss more detailed information and individual conditions of cooperation with our manager.

is main guideline.

It is important to note that the meat processing industry of Tovuz Agro holding is equipped with modern equipment and the necessary capacities: refrigerators and freezers, a laboratory, animal cutting workshops. All range of meat products undergoes mandatory research and meets food safety requirements.

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