In our branded stores under the brand name Farmer’s meat a full range of meat products of our own production is represented.

To meet the price expectations of customers, the type of production "full cycle" allow:
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We are not dependent on suppliers or intermediaries, we use only our own raw materials, and therefore we set the prices for the final product ourselves.

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In addition to flexible pricing, our own production allows us to always be close to the wishes of customers about the assortment in  stores.

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The sales department works closely with the production department, so that we can quickly respond and meet the expectations of our customers.

branded stores meet these criteria:

  • Quality raw materials;
  • Modern production technologies;
  • Freshness control;
  • Competent staff;
  • Satisfied customers.

is main guideline.

It is important to note that the meat processing industry of the Tovuz Agro holding is equipped with modern equipment and the necessary capacities: refrigerators and freezers, laboratories and meat cutting workshop. The entire range of meat products undergoes mandatory research and meets food safety requirements.

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